Data Submission Dates

Game Day 2014 deadlines will be posted soon.

How do I measure attendance?

Attendance is measured in two categories.  You will supply BOTH the official attendance AND an estimated total tailgate population.  Do not worry about double-counting individuals.  We will take care of that issue on the back-end.

Can we report more than one game? Which one is counted?

Yes,  schools may report more than one game’s worth of data, though it is not a requirement. Where more than one game our reported, results will automatically be factored using the best weight numbers for a given category regardless of which game they are reported for. In other words, the Diversion Rate ranking will use which ever home game had the highest recycling to trash ratio, while Organics Reduction ranking may draw food recovery weights that were higher from a different home game.

Is my school eligible?

Any college or university in the United States with a football program can participate in the Game Day Challenge.

I need help registering my school.

If you have never competed in Game Day Recycling Challenge before and do not have a Re-TRAC account, refer to this Registration Guide for New Re-TRAC Users. This should address  difficulties with creating your ReTRAC Connect account or completing the Game Day Recycling Challenge form.

If you have an existing Re-TRAC Connect account, please refer to this Registration Guide for Users with Existing Re-TRAC Accounts.

For questions not covered in the guides, email helpline@gamedaychallenge.org. Helpline support will generally respond within 24 hours.

How do I get involved?
  1. Register your school. Click here to get started.
  2. Spread the word across campus through Twitter (#GreenGameDay) and Facebook
  3. Create a Game Day Challenge event check-in on Foursquare for your school’s chosen home game (please see How To: Set Up a Foursquare Place or Event  for directions)
What are the award categories for Game Day Challenge?

Awards will be presented in five categories:

  1. Waste Generation: The school with the lowest per capita waste generation wins.
  2. Diversion Rate: The school with the largest overall (combines trash, recycling, and composting data) recycling rate wins.
  3. Greenhouse Gas Reduction: The school with the largest greenhouse gas reduction wins.
  4. Recycling: The school with the largest recycling rate wins.
  5. Organics Reduction: The school with the largest organic reduction rate wins.
What schools are participating?

A list of competing schools will be posted in the near future.

I need more help!

Free technical assistance is available to all Game Day Challenge participants to help design and implement effective waste reduction activities. Key tools and resources include:

  • The Game Day Challenge Helpline, a free email service staffed by board members of RecycleMania and CURC, offers access to information specialists trained to answer questions about the Game Day Challenge, including technical questions on how to design and implement a Game Day waste reduction program. You can contact Game Day Challenge Helpline at helpline@gamedaychallenge.org
  • The Game Day Challenge Resources web page contains a variety of resources, including information and guidance on how to set up and operate a Game Day waste reduction program.